Since Vatican II described music as “a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art.” (Sacrosanctum Concilium) we take liturgical music seriously.

The Ordinary and Extraordinary forms of the Mass are celebrated in the Parish; Propers and Ordinary are sung when possible.

We are a small Parish, but are blessed to have excellent musicians available at all weekend Masses. Our organist Fraser Pearce ( has a website. Both Fraser and  our cantors Anne Marie and Angela are available for weddings and funerals.


This month’s liturgical music

Sunday 2nd May 2021: IV after Easter
9.30 EF-Full Schola, 11am OF-Cantors

Prelude in D Major BWV 936, J.S. Bach
Cantate Domino
Kyrie, Missa a tre voci, Antonio Lotti
Mass I Lux et Origo
Credo III
Cantate Domino, Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni
Ave Verum Corpus, Bentivoglio
Prelude and Fugue in F Major BWV 556, J.S. Bach

Thursday 13th May 2021: The Ascension
Extraordinary Form 7pm. Schola.
Viri Galilaei
Mass III
Credo IV
Ascendit Deus, Christoph Dalitz
Jesu Rex Admirabilis, Palestrina
Voluntary IX Op VII, John Stanley

Sunday 16th May 2021: Sunday after the Ascension

Plein Jeu, Suite du premier ton, Clerambault
Exaudi Domine
Mass I Lux et Origo
Credo IV
Recit De Nazard, Suite du deuxieme ton, Clerambault
Chaconne in G Minor, Louis Couperin

Sunday 23rd May 2021: Pentecost

Preamble, Louis Vierne
Spiritus Domini
Mass II
Credo IV
Priere, Jean Langlais
Improvisation: Veni Creator Spiritus

Sunday 30th May 2021: The Most Holy Trinity

Kyrie Versets, Missa in Dominica diebus Op. 8 *, Fasolo
Benedicta Sit
Mass XI Orbis Factor
Credo I
Gravis modulatio pro Offertorio*, Fasolo
Benedictus et Elevatio simul*, Fasolo
Agnus Dei & Brevis modulatio post Agnus*, Fasolo

Thursday 3rd June 2021: Corpus Christi

Prelude Module,  Jean Langlais
Cibavit Eos
Mass III
Credo IV
Preabmbule Op 31, Louis Vierne
Tantum Ergo, Louis Vierne
Minuet, Suite Gothique, Leon Boellmann

Sunday 6th June 2021: II Sunday after Pentecost

Duo Sur Les Tierces*
Factus Est Dominus
Kyrie, Missa a tre voci, Antonio Lotti
Mass XI Orbis Factor
Credo I
Recit de Chromhorne*
Ego Sum Panis Vivus, Palestrina
Plein Jeu et Fuge sure la Trompette (Kyrie)*
* Mess pours Les Couvants